Shandong Jialu International Trade Co., Ltd

Shandong Jialu International Trade Co., Ltd

Professional Supplier Of Metal Materials In China

Shandong Jialu International Trading Co., Ltd. is a metal material production, processing and sales enterprise integrating ductile iron pipes, steel pipes, steel plates, steel coils, aluminum coils and copper pipes.

It is located in Liaocheng City, Shandong Province, China. Our company can provide global customers with ductile iron pipes, seamless pipes, welded pipes, bulletproof steel, wear-resistant steel plates, stainless steel, steel wires, aluminum coils, copper pipes, copper wires and other metal materials.

Our company can ensure product quality from all aspects of raw materials, production and processing, and the price is also very competitive in the market. If you need steel, aluminum or copper products, please feel free to ask us.

Jialu International Trading

Shandong Jialu International Trading Co., Ltd. is committed to providing metal materials with reliable quality and market competitive prices to global customers.

Our company has integrated more than a hundred raw material suppliers in China and can select raw materials with reliable quality and low price from the source.

Our company has multiple processing departments, and the inspection department can provide customers with metal products that meet the requirements.

At the same time, our company has a large inventory of metal materials all year round and can quickly provide products to customers. If you need metal materials, please feel free to ask us.

Factory Workshop

Production Workshop Display

The steel plate production workshop of our factory has an annual production capacity of 5,000,000 tons.

Material Inventory Display

Our company has a large inventory of steel products all year round, including steel pipes, steel plates, steel coils, etc.

Inspection Department

We have a dedicated quality inspection department to inspect raw materials and finished products to ensure product quality.

Certificate Display

Our company can ensure product quality from all aspects of raw materials, production and processing, and the price is also very competitive in the market.

If you need steel, aluminum or copper products, please feel free to ask us.

Staff of Jialu

Jialu Service Team

We have a professional sales team. Can handle various issues for overseas customers, including arranging international transportation, applying for customs clearance documents, certificate of origin, and assisting customers with customs clearance.

Jialu Business Partner

Through years of effort, we have exported hundreds of thousands of tons of high-quality products to Singapore, Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Morocco, Kenya, Chile, Peru, Romania and other countries. The products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions, we are delivering worldwide. And our products are widely praised by customers.

clients of Jialu
client of Jialu
Client Praises
Clients Praise

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Why Choose Us

Pre-Sale Service – Systematic Pre-Sale Service

  1. Introduce our company’s information and product categories;
  2. According to clients’ local market demand, guide clients to choose the correct product type;
  3. According to clients requirements, needs and budget, guide clients to choose correct product;
  4. Introduce the production process and international transportation solutions;
  5. According to the actual situation, we will develop best solution for you.

On-Sale Service – Scientific On-Sale Service

  1. Check the information, confirm or modify the sales contracts, which is decided by the two parties through negotiation.
  2. Produce the products according to order requirements.
  3. Provide production schedule.
  4. Provide production photos, videos and records.
  5. According to the production plan, realizing on-time delivery.
  6. f. Provide customers with professional international logistics services.

After-Sales Service – Thoughtful And Timely After-Sales Service

  1. Provide customers with comprehensive documents, including commercial invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, ocean bills of lading, international road cargo waybills and other documents to help customers clear customs and reduce tariffs.
  2. Technicians guide workers in using products and guiding safe operations.
  3. Carefully explain the daily maintenance and common faults solutions.
  4. Within the warranty period, we are responsible for repairs caused by quality problems. Foreign parts are usually provided by DHL/ FedEx in a timely manner for foreign customers.
  5. Foreign customers who have any questions about after-sales service ,they can send email to or call at +8613356353920.
  6. We sincerely accept customer suggestions and make improvements. According to market changes, we will provide high-quality products and services to meet the needs of users and create value for you.
  7. g. we can send technicians to foreign country to train workers, if clients required.


Are you a manufacturer or a trader?

We are manufacturing, processing, warehousing and logistics integrated and trading enterprise. We have our own factory and our own company. Believe that we will be the best supplier for you.

Could you provide samples? Free or charge?

We can provide you with samples. Generally, samples are free. Unless the number of samples is large or the value of samples is high. And, the cost of the freight need to be beared by you.

Can you arrange shipment for us?

    Yes, we have appointed ocean, railway, air and land freight forwarders with decades of proven experience, we provide trustworthy vessels and professional service at the best price.

Do you have a quality control system?

Yes, we have ISO 9001, API Q1, PED, CE, API 5L/5CT/5DP and our own CNAS certified quality control laboratory. Third-Party Inspection services are also available.

Is OEM service acceptable?

Yes, OEM service is available.

What are your payment terms and acceptable currencies?

L/C, T/T, PayPal, Credit Card. USD, CAD, AUD, SGD, RMB, EUR.

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